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Trusted Transmission Service on the Sunshine Coast

Stick with the Service Schedule

The automatic transmission in your vehicle should be serviced at the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. However, if you frequently perform heavy towing, you may need to service the automatic transmission more regularly.

Be Aware of Transmission Changes

If you experience any change in how your transmission operates, call our experts right away. Be aware of roughness in operation, slipping while driving, difficulty selecting gears and visible fluid leaks.

Transmission FAQs

What are the benefits of a transmission power flush?

It extends transmission fluid life.
It helps smooth out rough, hard-shifting problems.
It safely removes harmful sludge and varnished deposits.
It removes fluid contamination from the transmission system.
It revitalises transmission seals and O rings.

Do you work with modified automatic transmissions?

We cater to a range of modified automatic transmissions and parts, from tow packs to street and strips. Whatever your heart desires or your sport requires, we’ve got the combination for you.

How do you replace automatic transmission fluid?

First, our trained staff test drives the vehicle to inspect the operation of the automatic transition. On electronic transmission-controlled vehicles, we then check the diagnostic system for faults. We then perform the transmission service and underbody inspection.

The vehicle is driven again to check for smooth and correct operation to finish the service. We follow similar procedures for replacing filter gaskets, adjusting band and kick-down cables and full flushing. Give us a call for details.

Have More Questions?

If you’re not sure about when you should service your automatic transmission, call our technicians today.

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