Installing only the Highest Quality Parts

Top-brand Clutch Replacement on the Sunshine Coast

Products Fit for Your Car

Sunstate Gearbox and Diff Service can supply you with the right clutch for your vehicle.

Top Brands

At our shop, we supply and install high-quality products that you trust. These renowned brands display detailed workmanship that will keep your car running at top performance.

EXEDY Clutches

Standard original equipment manufacturer replacement kits include exceptional cover assemblies, clutch discs and release bearings packaged in the distinctive EXEDY silver and blue kit box. With advanced dampening mechanisms, premium friction facings and reliable cover assemblies, EXEDY clutch kits guarantee correct fit and function every time.

Racing Clutch Kits

Racing clutch kits are specifically designed for vehicles involved in the motorsport and racing industry. They are engineered using superior components to minimise failure rates at high RPMs.

High-performance Clutches

Do you need to replace the clutch on your high-performance vehicle? Performance clutches are specifically designed for the type of driving that street and strip, rally and motorsport vehicles require. This style of clutch goes by several names, including button clutches, puck clutches, sports clutches and racing clutches. In order to maintain the powerful driving kick you’re accustomed to, you need to replace your slipping, worn clutch for one of these premium editions.

Call for a Clutch

If you feel your clutch wearing down and slipping, give us a call for a brand-new replacement.

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